Sunday, June 7, 2009

Aspire Candles is Launching Soon!

Yes that's right the long awaited arrival of our Launch will be coming soon. We can't wait though, so we are having a Pre-Launch now. We have a couple of products for you to view, with many more becoming available as we progress.

Well firstly introductions: My name is Louise, but my friends call me Lou. I am a married Mum to three and live in Australia. I decided to start my own business because I want the freedom it gives. I like to call myself an entrepreneur and love to inspire people. I am a Fan of “The Law of Attraction” (have you heard of “The Secret?”) and incorporate those principles into my personal and business life.

The business Aspire Candles was born by my belief in “LoA”. I wanted to live by the philosophy that we attract everything into our lives by the way we think, good or bad. Because of this I want to inspire people to think positively and attract good things and feelings into their lives. I thought what better to create inspiration than by lighting a candle to meditate and visualize your dreams. Hence: “It is the Mission of Aspire Candles is to create inspiration and help you to Aspire to your Greatest Dreams.”

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  1. They look beautiful Lou!! Can't wait to hear more! Monique :)