Saturday, April 25, 2009

OMG! It is it Day 9 already. (Bob Doyles BLC Challenge)

Just a quick update.
Well I better write a blog here. I can't believe it is day nine already. I suppose everyday I have contributed to my challenge in one small or another. I designed some individual labels to go on the candles. This was a lot harder that I thought because I wanted them to be round and couldn't work out how to do it. I finally figured it out though and sent them to the printers.
I also made a couple of batches in my garage and also tested a couple of candles. One candle that I made I can't stand the smell though so I need to work on that one.
I have also wasted a bit of time on research and marketing. I mean I shouldn't really be marketing yet as I have nothing to showcase yet, but I can't help myself because that part of the challenge is something I really enjoy also.
Anyway I had better get back to work as I return to my day job soon after two weeks holiday and need to get this up and running before then
Until next time...

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Day one of BLC challenge.

I am going to write a quick blog just to officially start my challenge. I kinda started a bit early, but funnily enough the last of my supplies for making my candles arrived this morning.
So what better way to mark my challenge other than make a batch. So that's what I did....well after I cleaned the Garage. I now have a new workshop, who hoo, in between my My car, a motorbike, three bicycles, a lawnmower, and a couple of scooters, lol.
I was a little stressed making them. I think because I have told so many people and they are anticipating me doing it. What if I failed, but I finished a batch and I remembered how lovely the process is making them and that's all that should count, right?
Any way I forgot to take any photos, so I'll take some tommorow. Funny thing was though, while I was making them my family sat on chairs and watched me on the other side of the tressle. They said "hey, you should make a video of it and put it on YouTube." Great idea but hasn't it been done before, I'm sure it has, lol!
Oh also I have redesigned my logo the one above.
I have tried to print on labels tonight and it is horrible. Has anyone got any ideas, please.Enough of me tonight because it is midnight here so I just made the deadline for Day one, See ya Later!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

My challenge on BLC (Boundless Living Challenge) with Bob Doyle: The launch of Aspire Candles

Ok for those who don't I have been making scented candles and then I thought: "why don't I make inspirational candles" and now it has all begun.
I have lots of ideas which I will reveal through my challenge, but first I needed to secure a website, a name and a logo. I'll give you all a sneak peep. It is all still under construction but is still out there.
I am ordering all my supplies tommorow and then will get to work in a few days. It will be school holidays soon and I have holidays also, so it will be perfect timing.
Here it is the name of my Candle Company it is called: Aspire Candlles. If you want you can also follow me on Twitter also. I have just created a new one just for Aspire Candles.
Oh! I am so excited about creating wonderful inspirational candles, even if they are just for ME! HeHe.