Tuesday, April 7, 2009

My challenge on BLC (Boundless Living Challenge) with Bob Doyle: The launch of Aspire Candles

Ok for those who don't I have been making scented candles and then I thought: "why don't I make inspirational candles" and now it has all begun.
I have lots of ideas which I will reveal through my challenge, but first I needed to secure a website, a name and a logo. I'll give you all a sneak peep. It is all still under construction but is still out there.
I am ordering all my supplies tommorow and then will get to work in a few days. It will be school holidays soon and I have holidays also, so it will be perfect timing.
Here it is the name of my Candle Company it is called: Aspire Candlles. If you want you can also follow me on Twitter also. I have just created a new one just for Aspire Candles.
Oh! I am so excited about creating wonderful inspirational candles, even if they are just for ME! HeHe.

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  1. Just Lovely, Lou!

    I love the look! You are really taking steps towards greatness!

    Smiles and joy,