Saturday, April 18, 2009

Day one of BLC challenge.

I am going to write a quick blog just to officially start my challenge. I kinda started a bit early, but funnily enough the last of my supplies for making my candles arrived this morning.
So what better way to mark my challenge other than make a batch. So that's what I did....well after I cleaned the Garage. I now have a new workshop, who hoo, in between my My car, a motorbike, three bicycles, a lawnmower, and a couple of scooters, lol.
I was a little stressed making them. I think because I have told so many people and they are anticipating me doing it. What if I failed, but I finished a batch and I remembered how lovely the process is making them and that's all that should count, right?
Any way I forgot to take any photos, so I'll take some tommorow. Funny thing was though, while I was making them my family sat on chairs and watched me on the other side of the tressle. They said "hey, you should make a video of it and put it on YouTube." Great idea but hasn't it been done before, I'm sure it has, lol!
Oh also I have redesigned my logo the one above.
I have tried to print on labels tonight and it is horrible. Has anyone got any ideas, please.Enough of me tonight because it is midnight here so I just made the deadline for Day one, See ya Later!

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